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Endorsements for School Board

March 31, 2009

Livonia Politico would like to announce it’s endorsements for two of the three candidates running for Livonia Public School Board (4 year terms).  The election is May 5th, 2009. Regardless of who you support remember to vote!

The candidate most strongly recommended by Livonia Politico is:

Roger Spence

Spence, a father of children in LPS, is also an attorney with a strong vision of transparency and openness to the LPS board that has been missing for far too long. While all decisions made by the board are tough the public right’s to know is their first objective and one that has been missing on the current board.  Spence has the ability to manage budgets as he has with his own business. Livonia Politico strongly endorses Roger Spence for School Board.

Livonia Politico also endorses, Colleen Burton. Ms. Burton a fixture volunteer at LPS and someone who has been involved with the PTA is a voice Livonia needs. While her background is great at helping our students, it’s less clear if she’s ready for the constant financial decisions that confront the board. However her dedication and quick ability to adapt make her the second choice of Livonia Politico.

Livonia Politico also discourages voting for Daniel Lessard. During his term he has made horrible decisions such as the Livonia Legacy Initiative and outsourcing certain functions of LPS. But Livonia Politico’s real issue with Mr. Lessard is his constant work to limit community involvement at School Board meetings including voting against a trial student liaison post which would have cost the district no money. Mr. Lessard has no children in the district and has lost touch of the necessary functions of the board. Livonia Politico urges voters not to vote for Daniel Lessard.


The School Board Duel

March 30, 2009

                       Daniel LessardColleen Burton

                                                  Roger Spence


Alright Livonia meet your choices. We are going to the polls on May 5th to pick two people to serve on the board for the next four years. They are Daniel Lessard, Colleen Burton, and Roger Spence. (All are in order of picture). Lessard is the incumbent, a retired employee of Michigan Bell. Burton is a PTA fixture, school volunteer, and worker at a local family business. Spence is an attorney who was also President of Citizens for Livonia’s Future II.

I encourage everyone to go to a candidate forum being held at City Hall Auditorium, this Thursday, April 2nd, 2009. You can ask questions directly of the candidates. I’m withholding my opinions until later but trust me I do have them.

Our Elected Officials

March 30, 2009

The first step in addressing the issues facing our city is to know who can change them. That’s why I assembled a list of all of our elected officials. Of course many other people help the city of Livonia but these are the people we choose to make the hard decisions.


Our Elected Officials


Mayor of Livonia


Jack Kirksey


City Council


Laura M. Toy- President


Terry A. Godfroid-Marecki – Vice President


Joe Laura


James C. McCann


Brian Meakin


John Pastor


Thomas Robinson


City Clerk


Laura Grimsby


School Board


Cynthia Markarian- President


Gregory Oke, Vice President


Robert Freeman, Secretary


Lynda Scheel


Patrice Mang


Steve King


Daniel Lessard


16th District Court


Sean Kavanagh


Kathleen J. McCann

Let It Begin

March 30, 2009

I have an excellent feeling about the start of this site. The citizens of Livonia have gone far too long without an informed site that gathers all of the political information out there along with an interesting perspective. I hope to provide that voice along with your help to get the information out there to all of Livonia’s voters and concerned citizens. That journey starts today.